Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twilight: New Moon

I finally bought New Moon tickets for my mom, sister, and I for the midnight showing. I guess the reason I waited so long was because I was feeling the Twilight backlash like busybee was. To be quite honest though I was latecomer to the Twilight wagon because before I was a Twlight-hater..i know...i know... here's the story of it all:

So I first found out about the books when only Twilight and New Moon were out. A friend told me about them and I just couldn't accept reading yet another sappy love story that was going to screw up with my mind and, wait, this one was about a sparkly vampire?? really? yeah no thanks. SO I avoided it for about two years, refusing to read about sappy-sappy-love-sap sparkly vampires and read "better" books like hemingway and austen (I was a book snob I know) until after the first movie came out on dvd and my sister Brenda has seen it and become obsessed came over to infect my mom. They watched the movie (i took a shower because I was not about to get sucked in after all that hard work) and then they watched the movie again! (thanks mom-not) I decided to just give in and spend time with my mom and sister even if it meant I would be walking into the Twilight blackhole halfway through viewing number two...I stayed, watched, finished the movie...and then asked to borrow the books from my sister...

that was it....i was done for

I read all four books in less than a week (during finals I might add) and was done for- I had fallen in love. The way they're written is addicting and so personal it felt that I was reading a journal of my feelings of loss, love, devotion, and depression...I really was done. It was easy to love the movie for only one reason for me:

Him...I've loved him since he played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter =)

Anyways- I now have tickets for New Moon and am super excited again to go with my mom and sister. My mom , who by the way refused to go at any other time than midnight, is probably the biggest twi-hard out of all of us. Now that wouldn't be surprising from other moms but mine is straight from Mexico and read all the books in Spanish- so while she doesn't know who Oprah, or Beyonce, Britney, or who The Beatles are- she just about freaks out when she sees Taylor, or Kristen on TV. She calls Rob her "Vampiro Chulo" or hot vampire.

So thank you Stephanie, for twilight, not for just creating the most amazing story ever but for getting my mom to scream "MI VAMPIRO CHULO" at Rob- it makes my day everytime =)

oh ps- I am STILL waiting for fellow party goers to upload Halloween (hint- hint Marisa!) pictures because I am a lame-cameraless-blogger, but I did steal this one from Rasha...

Barbie, Ken, Loofah...I think we rock


Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

LOVED him in harry potter too... love love love. <3 oh sorry natt......

I want to go at midnight!!?!!!!!!! ugh. not fair

and yay, i like that picture. i wll send you more of you and some other ones :)

Mari said...

haha poor bf =)

and come with us at midnight! my mom is going to yelling at ushers in spanish for having to wait like 4 hours and I'm bringing a blanket and junk food with like 8364364863048 calories

and send those pics on over!...the world NEEDS to know how amazing our costumes were...hahahah