Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lets make a deal...

my brother Manuel, Mom, Me

So I have this here little blog... but I don't use it!!!
So here is the thing I am going to make a deal with me (and sole follower) to blog at least once a day

my version of Julie's cooking blog with Julia...umm hello loved that movie!

Any-who, I will post at least once a day and make a good effort to write something entertaining for the following reasons:

1- I hate to write and I have a funny feeling that no matter what I will have to write at some point in the future so here is to getting better at liking it
2- I am a communication major- but I hate to communicate... social anxiety anyone?
3- I had an interesting summer (to say the least) and I'm thinking if I write about some of my feelings I could work past some things and share my story to hopefully help someone in the same shoes I was/am in.

So here we go

I post on this thing, once a day, everyday (and make better boeuf bourguignon? haha wrong blog)

ps. the picture? has NOTHING to do with this post but I think every post is made better with a picture!

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