Monday, December 28, 2009

Top 5 Tattoos (on my "to get" list)

I am sort of feeling those vibes of rebellions that wash over me in waves every once in a while. I lead a pretty straight-laced life so when the pressure mounts I usually let loose. My poison of choice you ask? I either get completely trashed (once every 14 months) get another piercing (at once point I was up to 15!) or my favorite, pick up a new tattoo.

I have planned to save my debauchery filled drunken night for New Years Eve, have become a total wuss in the past couple months when it comes to needles and am hopelessly too broke for a tattoo- So I compiled a wish list (I wish I was cool enough to have a shoe wish list or purse one but I'm, sadly, completely satisfied with my one huge tote and live in converse for comfort and to keep my 5' 9" giant self out of the sky)

Here we go the Top 5 Tattoos
on my "To Get" list:

The flag of the state of Arizona in the shape of a heart

No matter how much I fell like I am going to die from the excruciating heat in the summer, or the hate of being surrounded by the fake tans and fake boobs that is Snottsdale, or by the fear of being trapped here- it's home, and "home is where the heart is". No matter how far I go or where I end up- I'll remember and carry with me my Arizona roots. Born an Arizonan. Raised an Arizonan. Die an Arizonan.

A Pin-Up Zombie Tattoo

yeah you heard read right! Now the question is "why the hell would you want that?" For me it would mean beauty in all shapes, sizes, forms (human or not) would mean power and intelligence over love (she would be holding a heart in one hand and eating the brain!) because I don't ever want to lose myself, my independence, or equality for a man or for love- as I've seen happen before. It would also have Beatrice's line from Much Ado About Nothing "O God! that I were a man! I would eat his heart out in the marketplace!"

A Paleta

YES! A popsicle! but better! I want a Mexican popsicle, paleta, with green, white and red sprinkles to signify the mexican flag. Every year for vacation we would go down to Tijuana to visit family and the highlight of each trip was getting to walk down to the Paleteria, or ice cream shop, with my mom and sister down the street and pick up paletas in the flavors of mango, or strawberry, pineapple or coconut all made with fresh fruit and from milk. It's those summer days with just us girls in Mexico that really made me fall in love with the country and culture.

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull, Virgen de Guadeloupe, and Loteria cards sleeve

I already have the sugar skull on my left arm and am waiting for pictures from a photo shoot I did for a friend to post about the tattoos I already have, but I want to continue it down to a 3/4 arm sleeve. On my inner arm I want the Virgrn de Guadeloupe done in a traditional American tattoo style:

as well as some loteria cards around my elbow and some flowers to finish off the whole thing.

My plan is to do the full sleeve of popular Mexican iconography but all done in traditional American tattoo style. It just fell like me.

A portrait of my mom

There are beautiful pictures of my mom from the 70's and one painted portrait of her at age 14 that would all be perfect for this. A simple black and grey portrait of her on my right forearm with filigree is my # 1 most wanted tattoo. Of course she hates the idea and I look so much like her when she was my age so hopefully it doesn't end up looking like a self-portrait- but I can;t think of a better way to carry around the person who means the most to me in this world.

These were my top 5 and rest assured there are plenty more on my mind. What tattoo's are going to make their way onto your top 5 list or someday skin?


Summer (BisforBrown) said...

i love you even more! i wish i could go with you. i want a sleeve so badly too. you have picked some lovely and meaningful pieces of artwork! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE!

brittany said...

so cool! i can't wait to see the ones you already have, how many do you have?? i am literally too afraid of needle to skin contact that there is no way in hell i would be able to do...but oh i want to. i love the portrait of your mama idea, so sweet :)

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Those are pretty awesome. I love the whole zombie, popsicle and mommy one :)

Michelle said...

I have zero tattoos, but if I was going to get one it would just be the outline of Montana. A few of my friends have tattoos like it and I'm in love with them.

bananas. said...

my next tattoo is going to be a black and gray portrait of my mom! i already have the picture, the spot and the tattoo artist...just need the appointment. dude is booked for life it seems!

i wish i was brave enough for a sleeve. i have a theory only certain girls can pull it off and i'm not one of them.

Mari said...

I have 4 (5 really but one is hidden and a badly kept secret)

Bananas that is going to be rad! I honestly think well done mom portraits are the best tattoos out there- and i'm not sure I can do the whole sleeve thing either but i love 'em so much I can't help but keep getting them!

Michelle- DO IT!!! outline tattoos are soo cool one of those is also on my list!

Shannon Ashley said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am sooo nervous about getting my teeth out!! Your blog is so cute :) I have to show this post to my sisters! I have 3 sisters and 2 of them have tattoos.. 1 of them loves zombies and will love that one. She also loves drawing/designing tattoos for her friends and will design me one when I ever figure out what I want. And my other sister is sooo obsessd with popsicles too I'm surprised she hasn't thought of a popsicle tattoo herself lol.

Shannon Ashley said...

I never know whether I should comment on my own blog after someone or on their own.. haha. My sister is SOO excited. Just yesterday I was telling her she is so good at art and photo manipulations and photo shop stuff she should do it like on Etsy or something and make money. And I got your comment and was SOOO EXCITED to read it to her. And she is excited too! I am gonna send you her deviant art site and a pic of her friends tattoo she designed and you can see if you like her stuff. I am so excitedddddd!!

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