Monday, December 7, 2009


Yeah so I had a self-imposed hiatus from blogging these past like two weeks. I've missed you all and sadly didn't even really have to time to comment on all the lovely blogs I read but look out- I'M BACK!! My three major essays for school are done and hell week is over. I now just have 3 finals but I don't have to worry about those until Friday at around 7:20 am.

Here is what has happened the past two weeks.

My AMAZING pumpkin cheesecake along with a full turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. Did I make everything from scratch? yes. Did I spend all night and day on two turkeys, six sides, four pies, and fresh dinner rolls? yes. Did I let the stress of cooking and kids get to me and yell my older brother (who deserved some of it)? sadly yes. Thanksgiving was a drama filled delicious day, but as my dad put it we at least it provided the entertainment for the evening.

My sister Brenda, SIL Ana, and mi Madre!

I also participated in a gift exchange with the lovely Mitzi (she has the cutest little baby boy!!)

This little package came in the mail and the sweetest ornament was under all those packing peanuts

I decided to name him Fitzwilliam (yes my copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was on the table- so what?!?)

Here's Fitz living in his knew home! I love him so much =)
Thank you Mitzi, this is my favorite ornament ever.

And just because I spent 83763796914 hours trying to fix my blog layout and find a decent background...

While me week is pretty much over now...I definitely had a case of the mondays. I'm off now to try and be productive but instead end up reading City of Ashes or one the other 10 books waiting for me.

Come to mama!

Anyone else with a case of the Mondays?


bananas. said...

hey welcome back lady! i was wondering where you went.

latin thanksgivings always have a little drama and it's cool. that's the way i like it! haha.

i can't believe you cooked all that food. you're a crazy genius and i love it!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Love the blog!!!!!!!

THat ornament is SO cute.

I want to borrow books and miss you, so lets hang out asap as soon as finals end! k thanks love you.

jociegal said...

That cheesecake looks insane. YUM! Love the Snowman lots and lots. Also - I cannot EVEN tell you how much I can relate to the song you have playing on your blog.

Organic Meatbag said...

sweet mustache you have there...hehehe

Kristin said...

Pumpkin cheescake??? OMG. DELISH!

Mitzi G.!! said...

I am so happy that you love the ornament so much that you even gave him a name!!