Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In my best Casey Kasem voice...

"This one goes out to Ross Johnson from your girlfriend Marisela who says she loves you more and more day after day"

I love him just a little bit =)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Burrito Ross

I love Chiptole. Like love them so much I submitted one of those cheesy cup and bag stores (oh black beans I love you so much) just to see if they would pick me and send me some coupons or a free burrito or two. I love Chipotle that much. Yo being a vegetarian the rice-black beans-fajitas veggies-pico-corn-sour cream-cheese-guac combo is TO DIE FOR.

I also love Ross.

Me and Ross spend tons of time together, almost all of our time together, and I love it. Sometimes when we've stayed inside to long watching netflix and eating leftovers we do tend to get a little stir crazy and I tickle him or in this case combined my love for Ross and Chipotle into on to create Burrito Ross.

Want to make your own burrito someone?
All I did was make our bed and make sure everything was nice and neat got Ross to lay down and then rolled him up in the covers. Remember you're making a burrito so make sure to tuck and roll and you go.

I shoved a pillowcase on his feet that were hanging out so they wouldn't be cold but I was laughing so hard I had to take a picture.

I wrapped and tucked so well that Ross was basically stuck (and then I laughed harder and told him to get out of it while I watched).

When Ross finally gained control of his arms again he promptly tried to cover his handsome face. :(

I'm way to mean to Ross sometimes. I tickle him and poke him and sometimes wake him up if I'm bored and can't fall asleep. He is such a good sport and I'm so happy he let me roll him up in a blanket. That's love =)

Happy Monday

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm not a lady

Whenever anyone uses the word lady to describe someone else I instantly think of Audrey Hepburn. To me she is the epitome of what a lady is and when someone uses that descriptor I compare that person to Audrey.

If we are making comparisons to Audrey I sure don't make it to the cut of lady.
I don't dress up every day. I actually almost never dress up.
I burp and say bad words
I tickle Ross and say unlady like things.
I drink and I let loose unlike a lady.
I scare kitties.

I sat down next to Ross and told him that sadly I'm not a lady.
He said "you're enough of a lady" and that makes sense to me.

I feel that need to look pretty and be polite and nice but I love that freedom to be brave, wild and crude. Ross gives me that freedom, I give myself that freedom to do stupid things and dress in pjs all day if it pleases me. I can fix cars or bake cookies or make a mess or sleep in till afternoon and that is okay. I'm a lady enough. I don't stress myself out trying to be anything more than me and sometimes I just have to remember that is good enough.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wanna be pen pals?

Summer posted about wanting to use up some amazing stationary she had and start writing snail mail and I think is is such a great idea.

I know postage is more expensive than an email and writing an actual letter takes time but there really is nothing like opening up a fresh letter that just came in the mail. I would love to sen out some letters and you would like one from me or to become pen pals email me at

marisela (dot) cabrera (dot) 2011 @gmail.com

I get so happy when I get letters in the mail and I would love to be able to send some out there too. =)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011

In 2010 I..............

On New Years Eve last year I celebrated with my sister and friends and got sick of jello shots :(

I made my first crocheted beanie and never stopped.

I had another life changing experience with Anytown's's programs and was a counselor at the collegetown camp.

I had a tattoo photo shoot and died the rest of year because of lack of funds to keep getting tattoos.

I mushed on gushed on this blog and told you about Ross. I loved 2010 because this blog saw me fall in love.

I shared my love for Queen in 2010

I became a vegetarian.

Ross had a birthday and I made him Cheesecake.

I was In It To Gym It for awhile and need to be again

I saw Muse and died when they played Starlight

I made a mistake and learned big from it.

I wrote about my secret love of musicals!

I moved in with Ross, got my beautiful bicycle and had an adventure.

I fell in love with the Kitties and we had more adventures

We went to ASU's Homecoming and then it was Halloween and we went out.

I opened a store at Big Cartel, but am now in 2011 moving so look out :0

I got accepted into a program in NYC and I'm going in February and couldn't be more excited.

And then it was Christmas and we were all happy.

How was your 2010?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years Eve 2010

In 2010 it was the best Christmas of my life: It was also the best New Years Eve too.

I had a midnight kiss to remember.
(I really wanted a 70's look for this picture because It reminds me of pictures of my parents from the 70's that we have in photo albums in storage. )

Met new friends for 2011. (and hello I want purple hair soooo bad!)

Found a gorilla at the party.

Found a friend too.

It was so cold in Arizona on NYE that we were inside a house yet everyone still had on their jackets. We left at around 1 and when we left there was frost and ice on everything. This is not typical behavior for AZ so all those folks out there saying "oh no ice!? WE GOT A BLIZZARD!" my thin blood isn't prepared to deal with it. I was freeeeezing.

NYE 2010

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I pray

I'm not religious. In fact I don't believe in God.
I can't.
Even when I was singing in the choir at my old Catholic church I never felt moved. It just felt like I was trying to hard.

What I do feel sometimes though is the need to pray. It doesn't make sense since it's not really directed to anyone but I pray for health, for the ones I love, and for people in pain. Those old Catholic habits die hard and so I pray. I pray for motivation and inspiration to make change happen and to handle the change that happens to me. I pray to the world. I pray to myself.

On Saturday I prayed. I was born and raised and still live in Arizona. The mountains, the dirt, the heat, and the sunsets are a part of me. I am so saddened and hurt by what happened in Arizona on Saturday in Tuscon.
I pray for Congresswoman Giffords, her staff, everyone injured, those who have sadly passed away and their families.

I was so mad and hurt and upset. Twitter and Facebook were a storm and from the people around me I kept hearing explanations to the rest of the United States like "This isn't what Arizona is like" and "Arizona is the wild wild west" to try and not make it seem like Arizona is this beacon on prejudice, bigotry and hate, but for when you think about it kinda is.

I was saddened and hurt by what happened on Saturday but a part of me thought that that could happen here and that part of me got really sad.

We have minute men who volunteer to turn in (sometimes shoot??) desperate immigrants from Mexico. We have private prison business investors writing legislation like SB1070 so that they can make money off of those desperate illegal immigrants. We have Sheriff Joe Arpaio who with his campaign of cleaning out is targeting the Hispanic community. Even though it isn't legal for gays to marry in AZ we pass legislation to change the constitutions to further that sentiment and only value the marriage of a man and women.

I will always love Arizona, but being a first generation Hispanic I don't feel like Arizona loves me back. I feel like there is target on me questioning my citizenship status. I wonder if while I sit in class my fellow classmates wonder if I'm legal or not. I pray for those who have no other financial and social options but to stay in Arizona and work but fear Sb1070.

I pray for change in Arizona so that we don't seem like a state of prejudice, bigotry and hate but from where I stand It's getting hard to see past it all and see all the things that make Arizona great.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It was a very Merry Christmas

Easily the best Christmas of my adult life so far.

We put up our tree (read: Ross took it out of the box and plugged it in) before thanksgiving. I just couldn't wait any longer and Ross was okay with the idea of it going up early. We strung up lights around the apartment and up the handrail on the stairs a couple weeks later. We got really into the spirit by watching tons of holiday movies like Love Actually, Elf, White Christmas, A Christmas Carol, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and others. As soon as I got a present home I would wrap it up and stuff it under the tree to make the apartment glow a little more and to keep Ross from peeking at his presents. Ross was so sweet and got me a stocking for Christmas since we don't really do them at my parents house and I didn't have one.

It's Hello Kitty!!

I kept begging Ross to open up a present. I tried to barter gifts to open up a big one he had under the tree which was odd because I have never had trouble with waiting for christmas or being nosy with presents. He didn't budge =/ but we did open one of the candles we had gotten for ourselves because Ross got sick and it was gonna help him get better.

On Christmas eve eve I finally got Ross to open up the gift that I was most anxious for him to open.

They have an arts festival in Tempe at the beginning of December and in the spring where tons of great artists and vendors come to sell their stuff. I passed by this great booth that had ornaments you could personalize and I just couldn't pass on by without grabbing us an ornament to celebrate our first Christmas together. Hopefully we'll be able to keep on getting on ornament for each our Christmases together =)

Here was our little tree and the gifts underneath. I couldn't pick a wrapping paper for the presents this year so I opted for brown postal paper and fun ribbon. It wasn't the easiest to wrap but I like the simplicity and highlighting the beautiful ribbons.

We went to Ross' mom, Suzanne's house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and boy did I like it there. She is so creative and has such a great eye for decoration and her house just felt like Macy's it was sooo pretty.

We went to my parents house Christmas afternoon and evening and playing a pretty fun game of White Elephant. I'm still trying to deal with the fact that I don't have a working camera (aside from my camera phone) So that is another resolution for 2011: to save up some money and buy a nice camera and find the power cord for my current pocket Nikon.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I turned 21 (part deux)

After the little party at my place we rode over to Mill Ave. and started the night at Z Tejas with some fantastic girls from work.

The had me drinking uh-mazing margaritas and infused Patron shots that later caught up to me. They brought a piece of cake for me and everyone sang happy birthday and i just felt so loved =)

Ross, Me, Laci

The most amazing girls to work with
Shannon, Laci, Me, Carissa (missing Cydney, Mindi, and Symon)

My old friend Sandra even made it too and it had been forever since I had seen her. Made my heart grow three sizes!

Next we went to an underground dueling piano bar where the alcohol really started to kick in. Someone ordered me a skrewdriver and an Adios Mother Fucker after three very strong Margaritas and a Patron Shot.

I've known Sara since Sophomore year of HS!

I kept on telling them to get a good picture of me and Ross because since my camera broke we have so few and I feel like I'm missing out on catching important moments.

At The Big Bang they called me up on stage twice where they had us celebrating birthdays dance and the second time I came up they had me and one other girl demonstrate how to use the shake weight. I thought I was gonna die because me and Ross keep having running jokes about the shake weight and I had it on some awesome-random-weird creation pedestal that I think I squealed when they brought them out. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of "Oh my God I get to hold one!" (also I just tried to spell squealed by writing "skwelled" instead thank you college education and spell check!)

We then bar hopped to a place called College Dropouts where things quickly went south. Ross said i had moments of lucidity where I was in and out and someone had the bright idea to order me their favorite shot-tabasco and tequila. Right after taking just a sip of that I quickly made it to the bathroom and spilled my guts. All I remember is that I held up my hair, cleaned my face, and that the floor was wet. blahhhhh

Everyone said that you have to get sick on your birthday and boy was I feeling it then and the next day. I did get some battle wounds in form of random huge bruises on my legs but I learned an ever more important lesson on alcohol tolerance and now I'm really excited to be able to go out and do adult things with my 1-2 beers or mixed drink/wine.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I turned 21

This picture was taken by Ross at Four Peaks in Tempe, AZ at around 12:08 AM 12/18/10 or my 21st birthday. I was so excited to have my first *legal* drink and finally be part of the big kids club. It's been hard always having friends who were older and especially hard when so many of them turned 21 and wanted to hangout at 21 and over places. I am sooo happy to be able to go to the local pubs or little bars around the corner and hangout after work or on weekends. I'm not a big drinker but I'm so excited to be able to buy a bottle of wine or beer to go with pizza or even liqueurs to bake with.

We had a party at our apartment for people to meet up and then hit Mill Ave. or the local ASU college bar scene. The party was complete with a Hello Kitty theme.

A sweet birthday gift from Ross' mom Suzanne

A cuuuttte banner we found at Target/Wal-Mart (?) and a clean apartment

Unique beer cooling system (read: broke and not wanting to spend money on an actual cooler) This idea was great thought because the ice melted right into the sink! =)

Cupcakes, cheese tray, spinach dip, chex mix, and veggie wraps. (plus a piece of art Ross did!)

up next- the drunken pictures from out on the bars.
*hint**hint* I puked =/

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Happy New Year!!

This is a candid picture a friend of ours took at his New Years Eve party right after the ball dropped.

I took one of those blogging breaks that i like to take so often this finals/holiday/birthday season. I really wanted to blog and I still read blogs every day even if I don't write or comment but I just didn't feel like it? I don't know I think it was this pressure that putting on myself that my blog isn't that good and it never will be so why try? I thought about it alot over the holidays and really wanted to take the whole surge everyone gets after the new year and put that into some resolutions I made. Perhaps this does blog suck- but at least in 2011 I can say this will suck with gusto!

#1 Reconnect with Friends
I have this bad habit of making great friends and then not keeping in touch. School and work are always number one priorities so I almost use that as an excuse to not stay in touch with good friends or fade away from old friends. I would really like to strengthen my existing friendships and reconnect with some old friends that I've been missing and would like to see more in the future. I'm learning that this isn't high school were you see your friends everyday and don't have to try. Now, in our more adult lives you do have to try and make this relationships happen and stay connected or your friendships will fall away or disintegrate. It's something that has taken me a bit to learn but in 2011 I would like to not be such a homebody and do the same things over and over again but seek out new friends and old friends and interact and live my life with theirs more.

#2 Fibers Crafts
2011 is the year for me and yarn and my sewing machine. I can feel it! This year I would like to focus on getting focused and serious about my hobbies. I feel really comfortable with crochet and Ross' mom Suzanne was so kind to gift me knitting needles and books to learn how to knit. I also got a set of round knitting looms (thanks 50% off Michael's coupon!) and have had tons of fun experimenting on that so far. (I made a little bobby looking knitted hat!) Ross gave me a beautiful Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas too and I would love to sew up some napkins and dish towels and an apron to all match and inspire both sewing and baking ideas. I can feel so much creativity for this year and I'm excited to have an easier school schedule and graduating this semester to focus on my hobbies some and loosen up and have fun.

#3 Blog 5 days a week
I am going out on such a huge limb but I would LOVE to be able to have something I'm proud of online and a 5 day a week blog. Sometimes when I look at my blog I get a little down because it's sporadic and not too creative or a representation of me. It sometimes feels like a chore and I, while trying, never got the real flow of it or got my blog to point where it would be a creative outlet and something to be really proud and happy of. This year I am going to try and really spend some time (especially before the school year begins) on making this blog look, sound, and feel the way I feel and what I want to put out there. I started this blog when I was coming out of a time where I was severely depresses and had communication anxiety to help me find my voice and self again. That was a long time ago and I'm a very different person today but I do still feel like i'm finding my voice and I might always be looking for it but this blog and my new years commitment to it is going to help me in my journey. As always I've so very pleased you've spent some sidebar time on me and feel so blessed I've *met* so many great people through blogger and online.

I have loved reading new years resolutions that others have posted and I'm hopping that together with all this excitement and energy we can all make some greta change in our own lives and in the lives of others. Here are some thing I'm really looking forward to in 2011

Going to the UN Commission on the Status of Women meeting in NYC in February
Ross' 25th birthday
Graduating from ASU with my Bachelors
The birth of my brothers third baby in July
Applying for graduate school and maybe moving to a new state.

What are some things that you are looking forward to in 2011?